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Amaclio Productions

Since 2012, we bring prestigious, multi technological shows to an ever-bigger audience, eager to discover beautiful monuments emblematic of French history.

Amaclio Productions creates, produces and sets events; its aim is to exalt French heritage. The firm has been created by François Nicolas, entrepreneur in love with history and literature, and Bruno Seillier, stage director and scriptwriter. We wish to make you love history as much as we do.

Come along on an emotional and magical journey, and discover with Amaclio’s shows the mysteries of some highly symbolic landmarks of France!

Our mission

The very name Amaclio Productions comes from the ancient european history. From the latin verb amare meaning “to love” and the name of the Greek muse of history Clio, our mission takes shape: we wish to make you love history as much as we do, by magnifying French heritage.

By using the latest infography and screening technologies, our monumental historical shows melt together what has been and what is to come. The wonders of architecture come to a new life before the eyes of the spectator of today. Who ever said that the monuments should remain silent and stuck in the past? One only needs to cast a new light upon the stones for them to be alive again…

Since its creation in 2012, Amaclio Productions has produced seven great shows that have delighted more than 1 300 000 spectators in six different French cities. Our sound and lights are integral shows thanks to the combination of several techniques:

  • monumental screening;
  • video mapping;
  • live performances…

We want our audiences to travel through time, which is why we have designed a dive into history that is accessible to everyone. Amaclio’s shows are both demanding and immersive, which makes them family-friendly experiences. They can be appreciated by history enthusiasts as well as performances fans, inhabitants as well as visitors, French people as well as France lovers.

Vocation d'Amaclio Productions

Our team

Behind the scenes at Amaclio Productions, a whole team works hard all year round to produce great shows and magnify French heritage. In love with history and interested in technological advances, they put their respective skills to good use so as to create and produce quality experiences for a delighted audience.

François NICOLAS

François NICOLAS


After having co-founded in 2005 an operational strategy consulting office, François Nicolas comes back to his first love and creates the company Amaclio Productions in 2012. His aim is to make the monumental and spiritual history of France alive again for a global audience.

His previous jobs have taught him the management of people, but also the organisation dedicated to the ambition of a project or a company, and especially the creation of new business models.

Passionate about literature and history, he manages and organizes the activities of Amaclio and is always looking for new ambitious projects.

Stéphanie JARRY

Stéphanie JARRY

Production Administrator

Having worked for more than fifteen years in the field of entertainment as a production manager for events such as the « Fêtes de Nuit » at the Château de Versailles, « La fête du Lac » in Annecy or « Les Aquascénies » in Aix-les-Bains, Stéphanie Jarry has acquired a great deal of expertise.

She has also been a technical production assistant for cultural and sports programming in Paris. 

With these experiences, a good team spirit, rigor and a sense of detail, she has joined the Amaclio Productions team as production administrator in 2016 and oversees all the projects and productions.



Project manager

After having worked as a human resources consultant, Xavier Fruleux has been a service manager for local communities during 12 years. He has coordinated cross-disciplinary teams in the management of many cultural projects.

Devoted to the development and promotion of French history through several initiatives, he has always been interested by the places, people and events that shaped his country.

He is happy to join Amaclio Productions in 2021 to help with the development of the company and its future projects.

Louis-Xavier NICOLAS

Louis-Xavier NICOLAS

Public Relations Manager

Graduate in public affairs and institutional public relations, Louis-Xavier Nicolas has a generalist background with a specification in law and history.

He has joined Amaclio Productions in 2016 and is now its Public relations manager.

He has also been Stage manager for the show La Nuit aux Invalides (Paris) in 2018, as well as Production manager for Le Diamant de pierres (Carcassonne) in 2020.

Camille BOUYÉ

Camille BOUYÉ

Communication Manager

Graduate in publishing and communication, Camille Bouyé is passionate about culture and literature.

She has joined the Amaclio Productions team in 2021 and is now Communication manager.

She has worked before as a publishing assistant, which has allowed her to develop her writing skills, and also has experience managing the communication of a literary magazine.

Join us !

Amaclio Productions is always looking for new talents in show conception, realisation, production and exploitation.

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