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Amaclio Productions manages the entire show creation process, from the conception to the exploitation.

Our many years of experience have entitled us to be responsible for the smooth progress of the different steps in the production of historical shows.

Since 2012, a great number of organisations and collectivities have entrusted us with the monuments they administer and asked us to showcase their history. Amaclio Productions has thus become a major cultural actor.



The monument inspires the show and infuses its content. Multiple techniques can be used and mixed: monumental video and screening, live performances, light and sound effects, pyrotechnics… it all depends on the setup of the building – but more importantly, on its soul and story.

Building on creations and stagings by renowned authors, such as Bruno Seillier, Franck Ferrand, Martin Arnaud ou encore Stéphane Bern, Amaclio Productions offers to your projects a unique adventure that will get every type of audience excited about history.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to define which are the most adequate artistic ingredients in order to attract, surprise and touch our audience. Amaclio Productions’ area of excellence is the promotion of patrimonial monuments, achieved thanks to an innovative artistic approach and the use of the latest show technologies.



Amaclio Productions, alongside its partners, creates the entirety of its shows. Our team members and associates write the scenario, create the soundtrack, light effects and computer graphics, shoot the video, manage the actors, stage the monument.

In light of its expertise in diverse creations, Amaclio provides its skills in the art of scenography to bring historical monuments back to their former glory, while considering their unicity.

We are thus capable of tackling the technical and artistic obligations as well as the norms specific to historical monuments.



Since its creation in 2012, Amaclio has produced its shows thanks to an expertise in the fields of communication, marketing, launch, press and public relations.

The production includes:

  • the creation of communication tools: website, teaser, poster, flyers, radio spots;
  • the purchase of advertising spaces, the street-marketing and the community management;
  • the launch of the shows, in partnership with all the ticket sellers;
  • the logistic and administrative management of the shows.

Our extensive know-how in the setting up of events allows us to tackle all things administrative (municipality and prefecture authorisations), public management (welcoming, signage) and security (mentoring, aid post, “Vigipirate” plan).



Amaclio Productions has developed, as early as 2012, an expertise in the daily exploitation of its shows. Dedicated teams are present all summer on-site to manage the different logistic aspects locally:

  • public facilities;
  • security of the access and of the public;
  • technical management.

On a daily basis, we supervise the communication of all our shows on the different channels (posters, website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as well as press relations, thanks to our network of cultural, event or large media journalists.

Amaclio manages the whole tickets selling and access control chain on its online ticketing platform but also in partnership with the major ticket sellers (Fnac, BilletReduc, etc.).


2 000 000 delighted spectators since 2012

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