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Amaclio Productions

Our history

Since 2012, we've been creating prestigious multi-technology shows that invite the general public to discover iconic places in France's history.

Let yourself be carried away by emotion and enchantment as you enter into the mysteries of highly symbolic places, magnified by Amaclio!

Our vocation

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Amaclio Productions takes its name from its European heritage. From the Latin 'amare' (to love) and the name of the Greek muse of history, Clio, our mission is clear: to invite people to love history and make them love it by magnifying France's heritage.



Using the latest advances in computer graphics and projection technology, our monumental historical shows combine memory and the avant-garde, giving architectural marvels a new lease of life, for the enjoyment of today's spectators.

Our team

Behind the magic of Amaclio Productions' grandiose shows lies a team that works hard all year round to help promote France's heritage. It's their work that makes it possible to move forward and bring large-scale projects to fruition. Passionate about history and technological innovation, they put their respective skills to work in the direction and production of quality experiences to delight audiences.


  • Francois Nicolas
  • Xavier Fruleux
    Director of the Cité de l'Histoire
  • Louis-Xavier Nicolas
    Director of Development and Communications
  • Stéphanie Jarry
    Production Manager

Human resources and accounting

  • Sylvain Gilliard
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Angélique Rocton
  • Pierre Gillet
    Human Resources Assistant
  • Muriel Gueirrero
    Human resources manager


  • Mélodie Brucker
    Communications Manager
  • Andéol du Chouchet
    Digital Project Officer
  • Benoît Sanzey
    Community manager
  • Augustin Cras
    Graphic Designer


  • Mayeul Desmoulins
    Business Manager
  • Philippine Calvy
    Business Manager
  • Ferdinand Vassal
    Business Manager

Cultural mediation

  • Bastian Siguret
    Cultural mediation project manager
  • Madeleine Dory
    Cultural mediation officer


  • Michaël Caillon
    Operations Manager
  • Pierre Maridat
    In charge of the actors
  • Receptionists


  • Thierry Adam
    Head of Technical Department
  • Manuel Romero
    Audiovisual technician
  • Adrien Jury
    Audiovisual technician